Installing brick has never been so easy


Brick was one of the first materials used by man to construct buildings. It is widely used in modern buildings for facades and walls. Little by little, people are rediscovering the charm of brick and its almost vintage working-class character. XSTONE’s flexible brick sheet makes any application you can imagine not only possible, but effortless. Flexible brick rolls are handmade using natural products that give our rolls the same look as the original, with variations in appearance, tone and structure, creating a unique individual pattern.

Easy to install

The ease of installation of XSTONE brick makes it practical for use in projects as large as building facades or as small as furnishings. Easy to cut with a cutter, and shaped with a heat gun, XSTONE can be easily installed, like wallpaper, without noisy tools or dust, in record time. It’s perfect for renovating buildings that are already in use, such as hotels, schools or shops, dramatically reducing breakage costs.

An infinite range of colours

XSTONE is a first-class cladding product for designers, fitters, architects and decorating professionals. XSTONE is the most innovative form of brick look that will allow you to create an infinite number of decorations with the only limit being your imagination ….

Bricks in action

Beautiful projects