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Concrete Acoustic Panel Grey by XSTONE Acustone


The Acustone range is an innovative acoustic panel solution developed to offer architects and designers a series of decorative surfaces for any interior.

Revolutionary innovation

Acustone is a revolutionary innovation in acoustic panels. It is distinguished by its unique mineral coating, offering a perfect combination of functionality and design. Acustone panels are designed to improve the acoustics of interior spaces while adding exceptional aesthetics.

Unique designs

One of Acustone’s key strengths is its ability to faithfully reproduce design effects such as natural stone, travertine, concrete and rust. These effects are achieved using advanced technology to create realistic textures and patterns, giving panels an authentic, high-end appearance.

Infinity of colors

In addition to its variety of designs, Acustone also offers an infinite range of colours. This allows designers and architects to tailor panels to the specific needs of each project, creating unique and harmonious spaces.


The revolutionary benefits of Acustone

Acoustic performance

Acustone panels are designed to improve the acoustics of interior spaces by absorbing unwanted sound, until 70% of human voice noise. They help reduce echo and improve sound clarity, creating a more pleasant and functional environment.


Acustone panels are made from high-quality mineral materials, making them tough and durable. They are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, impacts and scratches, ensuring a long life.

Respect for the environment

Acustone cares about the environment and is committed to using environmentally friendly materials in using 60% of recycled PET in the manufacture of its panels. They are also recyclable, which helps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Easy to install

Acustone panels are easy to install, whether on walls or ceilings. They can be fixed using special adhesives or mechanical fixing systems, offering installation flexibility.

Easy maintenance

Acustone panels are designed to be easy to maintain and resistant to scratch. They can be cleaned with standard cleaning products, keeping them in good condition and preserving their aesthetic appearance.

Versatile applications

Acustone panels can be used in a variety of applications, including offices, restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, commercial spaces, auditoriums, classrooms, relaxation areas, etc.

Beautiful projects