Xstone Glue

Water based glue

Concentrated wall interior powder glue 180 gr – Yield ~ 3m²

Xstone filler joint

Filler Joint

Joint filler 180 gr, used as a joint or repair. Available in surface colors.

Xstone sealer

Mono component Sealer

High resistance one-component water-based matt acrylic varnish for interior use. Yield ~ 3 m² / 250 ml in 2 lays

XSTONE - Sustainable since 2007

we even wonder if this word existed back then !

Ecological and Sustainable Veneer

XSTONE, as an innovative mineral surfacing solution, offers significant advantages over natural stone, both from an ecological and logistical point of view.
Natural materials

For the past 15 years, Xstone has been crafting a 2 mm thin stone veneer using quarry stone transformed into stone powder. Handmade in Germany, each product is meticulously crafted from this stone powder, combined with water-based, pollutant-free acrylics and natural pigments. This innovative process not only reduces the environmental footprint of mining resources but also efficiently repurposes waste materials. Our water-based vegetal adhesive, akin to wall paint, provides an eco-friendly solution.


Our innovative "on a roll" concept ensures that our products can be effortlessly removed from surfaces without causing any damage or leaving behind residue. Not only can they be recycled for plasterboard applications, but they can also be repurposed as fertilizer for your plants, reducing waste at the end of the product's life cycle. Additionally, our veneer can be disposed of with regular household waste, making sustainability a seamless part of our product's journey from start to finish.

Unrivalled logistical efficiency

In a 40-inch container with a loading weight of 26500 kg, the surface area transported by XSTONE is 10637 m², compared with just 441 m² for natural stone, representing a 95% reduction. This logistical efficiency makes optimum use of transport space, reducing the costs associated with international transport.

Massive reduction in CO2 emissions

Over a distance of 7500 km, a container emit a total of 300 kg of CO2, XSTONE's share of emissions is only 282 g / m², compared with 6806 g / m² for natural stone. This represents a 95% reduction in CO2 emissions, helping to combat climate change.

Minimal Environmental Impact

XSTONE is committed to reducing its environmental footprint throughout its life cycle. Its manufacture considerably reduces energy and water consumption during the various stages such as quarrying, slab cutting, polishing, transport, cutting during installation, transport and handling during installation, and bonding.

Durability and resilience

XSTONE offers a sustainable alternative to natural stone, while maintaining exceptional aesthetics and resilience. Its advanced manufacturing process ensures consistent quality, reducing the waste associated with imperfections and rejects common in the natural stone industry.

Ease of Installation

XSTONE's design incorporates ease of installation, simplifying the process for professionals and reducing the time required. Its light weight and manoeuvrability mean it can be installed quickly and efficiently, helping to optimise labour costs, but also reducing noise and dust.

Versatility and Innovative Design

XSTONE offers a variety of designs and finishes that can be adapted to a multitude of applications, providing unrivalled design flexibility. Its unique properties make it possible to create mineral coatings to suit all aesthetic requirements, while minimising the constraints associated with size and weight.

Fire resistant, VOC free

Made from 90% stone powder XSTONE mineral veneer is rated according to A2s1d0 EN13501-1 and complies with REACH requirements without emitting VOCs.

In conclusion, by choosing XSTONE, you benefit not only from an exceptional ecological and logistical solution, but also from an ease of installation that optimises the efficiency of the process, guaranteeing an aesthetic, durable and environmentally-friendly result.

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