Below are Frequently asked questions about our natural mineral veneer. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, please contact us.

The natural mineral veneer:

Q: Is the surface of the mineral veneer completely natural and does the pattern repeat?
A: The top surface is completely natural and composed of 90% natural stone powder. As the veneer is handmade, there is a rendering process which means that the pattern is not repeated, creating a very natural look.

Q: What’s in the product to make a thin, flexible format possible?
A: The veneer is made from a special blend of copolymer and glass fibre, which makes our product strong, thin, flexible and light.

Q: Can mineral coverings be used as floor and wall cladding?
A: Our mineral veneers can be used for any interior or exterior wall application. For interior flooring only, it has a PEI3 rating with our heavy traffic varnish. This means they are suitable for all low to medium traffic residential and commercial floors. They are not suitable for floors with very intensive use and traffic.

Q: Can mineral cladding be used in a shower cubicle or wet room?
A: Although mineral cladding is water-resistant when sealed, and can be used in wet rooms and shower cubicles, it is important to comply with waterproofing standards before gluing the sheets to ensure that the area is completely waterproof.

Q: Is the veneer fireproof and can the material be used as a fireplace or cladding around a wood burner or stove?
A: The mineral veneer is heat resistant up to 120 degrees and has a fire protection rating of A2s1d0 (M0). It can be used around a fireplace insert, on a chimney hood or behind a wood-burning stove, if the temperature does not exceed 90°C and is bonded with a suitable adhesive.

Installing the mineral coating :

Q: Is mineral veneer easy to install?
A: Our mineral veneer can be installed by any craftsman, carpenter, decorator or DIY enthusiast. The adhesives and tools are easy to use, and working with mineral sheeting requires no special knowledge or skill.

Q: Does the surface need to be protected?
A: At the very least, the surface should be waterproofed, just like traditional natural stone. Our water repellents, specially developed for mineral coverings, do not form stains or change the colour of the surface. For use in environments subject to intensive staining or abrasion, such as shower interiors, credenzas, floors and worktops, it is essential to use our Trafic intense varnish. The varnish slightly enhances the colour of the covering.

Q: What tool can I use to cut the roll?
A: The mineral roll is very easy to cut with a cutter.

Q: What glue should I use for mineral veneer?
A: We supply wallpaper paste for interior surfaces. You can also use heavy glass cloth adhesives. On wood surfaces we use traditional wood laminate adhesives. Cimentflex adhesives are recommended for exterior concrete surfaces. On all interior surfaces, XSTONE Spray Contact Adhesive will work wonders for a fast, ultra-clean installation. On very smooth surfaces such as glass or old tiles, it’s advisable to apply a primer first. And for even more convenience, think of our ready-to-install self-adhesive solutions.

Q: How do I join the coverings?
A: Each roll comes with a mineral joint in the same colour as the covering. You can then create hollow, smooth or 3D joints using the same technique as for stone joints with a piping bag.

Our services :

Q: Does the mineral roll format come in different sizes?
A: The rolls are available in a single standard size of 3000×1000 mm. From this standard size, it is possible to simply cut it with a cutter. For other formats, please contact us for a made-to-measure study (subject to a minimum quantity).

Q: How do you dispatch the rolls and how long will it take once I’ve placed my order?
A: We dispatch the rolls using a normal courier service. Barring stock shortages, exceptional orders or rare colours, we deliver within 4-5 days. In other exceptional cases, delivery may take up to 6 weeks. The 3000×1000 mm format is delivered on a roll protected in a cardboard box.

Q: Do you offer any guarantees for mineral veneer?
A: We guarantee the quality of delivery and breakage provided that the goods have been checked on receipt and that any anomalies have been noted on the delivery note.
XSTONE mineral veneer is a handmade material, with variations in colour, shade, veining, texture, roughness etc…. making up its charm and intrinsic nature. They cannot be considered as defects and a reason for refusing the goods. The sample presented defines the general tone, but in no case the identity of appearance with the product delivered.

Any other questions?

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