If you’re thinking of renovating the interior of your home and are looking for solutions that are economical, simple, low-maintenance and have an outstanding design, you should consider mineral cladding in your renovation choices. This natural veneer adds character and warmth to any space. It can completely transform the ambience of your room.


Sound like a good plan? Read how to create an exceptional wall in 2 steps.


Step 1: Select the wall for your decorative touch

Choosing a distinctive wall in a room is an essential consideration. Given that the wall will attract maximum attention, when choosing it, several parameters need to be taken into account. For example, the type of furniture in the room, the type of floor covering, the orientation of the room and, of course, the type of room; i.e. is it a children’s bedroom, an office, a living room, etc.?


Assuming that the room has certain distinctive features, the wall to be decorated should aim to amplify these features, otherwise the choice may not give the best results. For example, a wall hidden by a cupboard. The principle for enhancing a room is to choose the largest, most visible wall. This gives the best results.


Step 2: Selecting the mineral veneer colour

Once you’ve selected the wall you want to highlight, choose the XStone mineral wallcovering that perfectly matches the other shades in the room. The days of choosing paint or wallpaper to embellish your walls are over. For an exceptional look, XStone mineral veneer has become an essential choice. This coating is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. You can choose the design that suits you best, depending on your aesthetic tastes, the configuration of your room, and so on. The extraordinary colours in our range are sure to make you fall in love with them. Once you’ve made the right decision, your space will become the centrepiece that your friends and family will envy.


Why has XStone’s mineral rolls become the preferred choice of customers all over the world?

Mineral is an intuitive choice. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s classy and it immediately gives you that feeling of luxury. When you visit a luxury palace or hotel, you’re always struck by the amount of stone used, giving that impression of magnificence. XStone mineral roll adds depth, texture and, of course, character to any room. XStone has many technical advantages, which you can find on our website

XStone manufactures and distributes natural mineral veneer worldwide. We have extensive experience of applying XStone solutions to all interior and exterior surfaces. For further information, please contact us.

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