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XSTONE Roll Fireplank Black

Flexible roll mineral veneer

XSTONE is a mineral coating whose fundamental advantage is its ease of installation. The innovative manufacturing process glues a layer of cement just 2 mm thick to a fiberglass sheet. Each sheet is unique, as it is produced entirely by hand to recreate the original appearance and tactile sensations of a concrete, rust or stone surface. XSTONE is lightweight, at just 2 kg/m², ideal for any decoration or construction project.

Limitless applications

XSTONE can be used both indoors and outdoors, for modern settings, New York lofts, industrial atmospheres, etc. Unique and practical, XSTONE will set you apart from your competitors thanks to its extraordinary technical features and unique design.

Easy to install

XSTONE’s ease of installation makes it practical for use in projects as large as building facades or as small as elevator shafts. Easy to cut with a utility knife, and formable with a heat gun, XSTONE can be easily installed without noisy tools or dust, in record time. It’s perfect for renovating buildings even when they’re in use, such as hotels, schools or shops, greatly reducing breakage costs.

Breakthrough in architectural design

XSTONE is a first-rate veneer product for designers, fitters, architects and decorating professionals. XSTONE is the most innovative mineral form that will enable you to create an infinite number of decorations, with the only limit being your imagination ….







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The revolutionary benefits of flexible roll mineral veneer

Cost-Effective installations

XSTONE Rolls are noise-free and dust-free installation, along with its suitability for use in occupied buildings like hotels, schools, or shops, contributes to reduced breakage costs during renovations, making it an economical choice for contractors and project managers.


XSTONE Rolls are made from high-quality mineral materials, making them tough and durable. They are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, impacts and scratches, ensuring a long life. More over XSTONE Rolls are A2s1d0 fire certificated assuring installation in critical area.

Respect for the environment

XSTONE Rolls care about the environment and is committed to using environmentally friendly materials in using 90% of mineral stone powder in the manufacture of its rolls. They are also recyclable, which helps to reduce their impact on the environment.

Easy to install

XSTONE Rolls are easy to install, whether on walls, ceilings or furnitures. They can be fixed like wall papers using special adhesives and cutted with a simple utility knife, offering installation flexibility.

Easy maintenance

XSTONE Rolls are designed to be easy to maintain and resistant to scratch, when sealed. They can be cleaned with standard cleaning products, keeping them in good condition and preserving their aesthetic appearance.

Versatile applications

XSTONE Rolls can be used in a variety of applications, including offices, restaurants, hotels, meeting rooms, commercial spaces, auditoriums, classrooms, leisure areas, etc.

Wall in action